Possible practices:

Physical domination:

Sensory deprivation, mummification, bondage, wax, suffocation, testicles kicking, putting clips on nipples penis and testicles, gagging, trampling, whipping with cane, whip belt or horsewhip, prisoning in cage.

 Psyhical/mental domination:

Orders, commands, humiliation, gushing, implementing the mood of fear, treating you just like an object, furniture or animal, military discipline - submission, role plays for example student-teacher.

Erotic domination:
facesitting, oral and anal rape, dildo play, using strapon,dildos vibrating and normal anal plugs, controling the excitement, fisting, multiplexing a orgasm intensity.

Toilet domination:

piss, scat - every form

feet, shoes, heels, underwear, stockings, smoking fetish etc

 Feminization - I have everything necessary to do the transformation : outfits, wigs etc...


There is also a possibility to arrange the session in a fetish mood only - without hardcore domination and many many more not mentioned before...
If there is something which you would like to try and it was not mentioned above please let me know and I will tell you if we can make your fantasy come true.

 Prices for sessions:
hour session - 200 PLN
Session with scat - 300 PLN
PLN Virtual session 1 hour - 100PLN, 1/2h - 50 PLN
Dont make any mistake, I hate fools who think that they can waste my time. If you cant come just call the visit off. Respect my time.
About scat session:you need to arrange to meet one day earlier.After you do that, scat session is only avilable the next day from 10:00 to 12:00.
There is also a need to do the prepayment - 100PLN using internet payment platform bm.pl or YetiPay or PayPal.
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