Information :
Age : 46
Height: 165
Weight: 62kg
Breast size: 3
Foot size : 39
Hair: black
Eyes: grey

I am a really well-groomed person. I am sensual and naturally dominating Lady who knows how to make commands and to control.
I have to admit that there is a lot of pleasure for me coming from training my submissive slaves...
If you want to serve in my world you have to know one important thing - everything is under my circumstances and on my terms. Why? Because you are here for your Lady and not the other way around.
You are going to adore and admire Me when I'm gonna discover areas of you submissive nature. Im also going to test your limits of you pain and pleasure..
he relation between Lady and Submissive is based mainly on trust and discreetness. During the session Im very firm and I also demand absolute submission, showing respect on every single step we take.
Dont make any mistake, I have fools who think that they can waste my time. If you dont want to come just dont call or dont arrange for the sessions.
Possible options of meetings : 1 hour and longer
Wirutal domination on SKype is also possible.
There is also a possibility to organize session not including a hardcore domination. We can do it in fetish atmosphere only.
Your fantasies and dreams can come truth - this is going to lead to mutual satisfaction.
 If you are fascinated by BDSM and you are afraid of doing a session in real life you can enter my wirtual world as well. 

I do not answer phone calls from hidden numbers. I do know text back text messages. If you want to contact me and I do now answer the phone please call again later.
 I demand a imposition. 
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